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Amorsolo's unfinished painting is that of Vicki Belo's mother: National Museum

(Amorsolo's unfinished painting)

The National Museum revealed that the National Artist Fernando Amorsolo’s unfinished painting is that of Florencia Singson Gonzalez-Belo, the late mother of Dr. Vicki Belo.

It was Judy Araneta Roxas, who, in March 2016, toured the National Museum of Fine Arts where Amorsolo’s unfinished painting is kept, pointed out that it is “Nena” Belo. Amorsolo’s last painting shows a smiling woman, but only her bust was finished.

The national artist passed away on April 24, 1972, at 79, before he could finish the artwork.
Nena Belo

The said painting was part of the donation to the museum made by Amorsolo's widow Maria del Carmen Zaragoza.

The National Museum, through a post in its official Facebook account, said that after Roxas’ identification of the painting, the museum applied “due diligence” in verifying the identity of the painting’s subject.

“Although (Judy Araneta Roxas) was certain, it was important for the Museum to apply due diligence in establishing its provenance based on research through archival data, interviews and connecting with our network who might have known Mrs. Gonzalez-Belo,” the National Museum said.

It added that it took them more than two years to convince the Belo family through film director Quark Henares, Dr. Belo's son, to help them finally verified the identity of the woman.

And this month, Dr. Belo and husband Dr. Hayden Kho, and daughters Cristalle Henares and Scarlet Snow Kho, came to the museum to see the Belo matriarch’s painting. - LGC

The Belo family at the National Museum

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