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Weird Burial Rituals in the World By Liv G. Campo


(Hanging coffins of Sagada)

The dead belong to the graves. But there are people in the world that hang their dead loved ones in mountain walls, hide them in caves or eat them. Don’t be surprised. There are just people in the world whose normal are other people’s weirdness. These are some of the world’s burial rituals: 1. The Hanging Coffins in Sagada, Philippines The old people in Sagada, a northern town in the Philippines, hanged their dead loved ones at the mountain crevices for two reasons: to keep them away from foraging animals and to bring them closer to the heavens. They even join the dead loved one’s chair in case they will want to use it in the afterlife. These hanging coffins are now one of the town’s famous tourist attractions. 2. The Dead Beads
In South Korea, some families there turn their dead loved ones into colorful beads which they then display in their homes. The beads are like gems only they are made of the ashes of dead people.

3. Cannibalism
In the past, the Melanesians of Papua New Guinea and the Wari people of Brazil ate their dead people to prove that there is no mystery in death. It was also practiced in some places of the world.

4. A Reef Underwater Some dead people are now part of the underwater scenes as artificial reefs. Most of these people are SCUBA divers when they were still alive and chose to be buried in their favorite environment: under the sea. Their ashes are mixed in cement and formed as artificial reef balls. Some event chose to be thrown into the oceans.

5. Exhuming the Bones The Malagasy people of Madagascar exhume the bodies of their dead loved ones every now and then, and wrap them in cloth and dance with the corpse sacks. While they dance around the corpse, they tell stories about their families as if the dead one can hear them.

6. The Sitting Mummies In the past, Benguet (Philippines) forced their dead loved ones in a

sitting position and placed them inside a small coffin, a hollowed-out pine tree trunk. The tradition was done for years as part of the old Benguet tribe’s culture. These Kabayan mummies are among the famous attractions of the province.

7. Dressing Up the Dead For the Torajan people of Indonesia, families keep the mummified remains of their deceased relatives in their homes for years. They dress them on regular basis especially if there is an occasion in the family or just an ordinary luncheon. And even if they are already buried, they are still exhumed, cleaned, dressed up for family events.

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