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By Ferliza C. Contratista 

This is to formally congratulate the innovative people behind NewsPh.Org for seizing the opportunity in creating a platform for varied information---a smorgasbord of trends, ideas, thoughts, what is new and what was old. 

It is easy to set up a social media site, yes, but I probably get the real reason the men and women behind this new site is up to: TO COMPETE. 

I say TO COMPETE, because NewsPH.Org will have to compete with the rest of the fancy sites (and high followed) which are feeding the social media public with half-baked news, one-sided stories, or highly imaginative articles, composed and written for own interests or just the heck of distorting knowledge and get the high of being followed by plenty. People experience a certain “high” once liked, hearted, followed and wowed.

I say, too, that I am up to join the competition, yes, I’d be a hypocrite not to say that. Who would not love to feel “high?” But beyond that, I find it a calling to set some things straight and to inform for some news beneficial even to the lowest mammals in the society (or so they thought). 

Delivery of accurate, timely, beneficial information is the mandate of my work. Being informed is to be empowered.  And that is the aim of any communicator by heart. 

“On stage Life” is just simplified summaries of how you, me, the Cebuanos, the Filipinos, the world, wakes up every day, breathe every hour and settles for the night.

This will include issues we face, outside interventions, and how we try to put things into a wonderful harmony –a beautiful story despite the scars, worthy of sharing to our children’s children. 

But this will not be all technical and drama stuffs, I can also go personal for gorgeous moms like me (I believe moms should never lose touch of being gorgeous). 

Congratulations once again to NewsPH.Org and to my fellow lovely “misfits” who will be out to give you a blast, too, in the world of their expertise.  From what I heard, Cebu’s known Heritage Interpreter Ka Bino Guerero is in; and yes, there’s Fashion and Lifestyle storyteller Rionne Palacios! 

Brace yourselves social media public, let’s learn, have fun and be confidently beautifully empowered  – as we go ON STAGE LIFE”.

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