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The True Reason for Christmas
by Liv G. Campo

IN the Philippines, it’s a tradition to attend the Misa de Gallo or the nine Holy Masses celebrated days before December 25. You know it’s Christmas when the first Misa de Gallo kicks off, and your friends start posting about it on Facebook.

Then there’s the endless shopping sprees for the family and godchildren. And on Christmas Eve, tables are loaded with all the good food to be shared by all family members when the clock strikes 12.

In short, we spend Christmas with our new gifts, and good food to cap the long holiday. And of course, the Misa de Gallo that we need to complete so our wishes would come true.

Christmas has become about us, our families and the people we love.

There are exchanging gifts, though, but you cannot get your gift if you have nothing to give.

If we go back to the real essence why we celebrate Christmas, we will rediscover that it is about sharing or giving. It is sharing no matter how little we have, and without expecting to get something in return. Because while we are happy with our new toys and gadgets, there are those who have nothing to eat. These could be your neighbors, or distant cousins.

There is joy in sharing the many food we prepare for the family, as Christmas is also our thanksgiving for the blessed year. But let us also remember that Jesus came to this world to teach us how to be compassionate to others. He even placed His own family and self last, to save us. He is the reason why we have Christmas.

We don’t need to put our family last because Jesus did so. We only need not to forget why we celebrate Christmas the way Jesus would have wanted us to.

May we look at Christmas in a new way. May we look forward to it not because of the gifts we will receive, but the ones we will give to those who cannot give back. May we celebrate it with Jesus in our hearts, as after all, He is the true reason for Christmas.

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