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New Year’s high and bike

Onstage life 
By Ferliza Contratista

The author

So it’s 2019 and am more overweight than last year, than the previous year and the year before that. What else would be new to start with? Well for most of us yoyos (now we do and mostly we don’t), the New year is a moment to list down goals, scribble neatly in our new organizers. Weight tops among others and I guess everything else follows.. It should be a priority, and then mental health. These are like twin popsies, pretzels. In today’s world of instants, traffic, climate change and all, the face of stress is finally taking into forms. Pneumonia, which was highly curable and detectable years ago, now mutated into something instant and deadly. I’ve got at least two friends who said goodbye in their 30s for merely having coughs and fever for a week. There are mutations of viruses and bacteria, upgrading as fast as our cellular phones. Why do we feel stressed out despite the conveniences of technology? Why do I get fatter despite the issues-solving of all sorts and volumes? We are in a weird era. So, I decided to withdraw--- stepped back from my Masters in Over-thinking Course and breathe.
Danao ride
I have to start somewhere, and so I started pedaling, I biked! Thanks to my beautiful chocolate man Genesis, we found a great deal of a quality and well taken care of Specialized bike, super fitting my size (27.5) a month ago. I usually biked when I was smaller and into my teenage years, mostly for errands and going to see some friends. So it was not hard for me to get on the bike and just pedal away. My first bike trip was towards Cansaga Bay Bridge, and then to Grosmar Memorial Park to visit Papa and Onli…and on the third trip, I climbed the 2nd Mandaue Mactan or the Marcelo Fernan Bridge.
With Abag SJA Bikers
Then my St. Joseph Academy friends, we call ourselves “Abag SJA Bikers” had our first long bike ride from Mandaue City to Danao City, then on Christmas Eve, I biked all the way to Talisay City. Friends started to fill me in with suggestions of biking easy, mastering the gears, upgrading the cogs and etc. My eyes just blinked. My mind’s just not ready to digest all those terms yet. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I don’t want to race..I just want to go places and trim down a bit”. On the first day of the year, my Specialized bike went with me to my hometown Bohol. I just have to see the sites in my own eyes on board my bike.

So what’s first on the list? The historic, newly restored Baclayan Church and the amazing sunset (3.7 kilometers one way) The second day of the year, was my first challenge. I went to the town of Loboc tracing the mountain routes, via Corella which has an elevation of 253 meters. Mind you, I didn’t bike all the way. I stopped five times, gulped some water and breathed. My chest was like exploding. I should have You Tubed more preparations. I was slow it was really steep.
A lake in Corella
Baclayon Church
But reaching the intersection Corella to Sikatuna town, the road was already bearable. I passed by the Sikatuna Tarsier Sanctuary. There were less vehicles, precisely why my relatives didn’t advise me to take the route by myself: flat tires would have been a real problem. But I reached the picturesque town of Loboc, two hours of pedaling from Baclayon. Its unfinished bridge is still there. Haha it’s a funny site. Why would they build the bridge which would go straight hitting the Loboc Church? And then the calming and enticing Loboc river--- the floating restaurants were just docked. There were a few foreigner on water cycles.
Loboc River
I just stared at the river, breathed, meditated and of course, took photos. Thankful for the Lobocanons, they were so accommodating when I asked them to take my photo—this lone Reyna Biker. I hurried off home, now tracing the coastal route. It was getting dark and of all things that my pit crew forgot to install, were my lights, my blinkers! It was already dark when I reached Guiwanon, my home in Baclayon. I just did 43 kilometers!

So where is this column leading to? I just want to stress and I attest, that biking is a great way to exercise, physically and mentally. It gave me a chance to compartmentalize my thoughts as I pedaled. And I see places..my brain cells felt alive! Am sure there are still a few more points I would want to stress on the lessons on biking. But for now, let me leave with this one salient point – for as long as its wheels are still turning, you will definitely get to where you are going. That my fellow netizens, is one great mantra, to start off the New Year, as we go onstage life!
Sunset at Baclayon Church

Full moon ride

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